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Pork Belly and Pico de Gallo

How about pork belly and pico de gallo for Cinco de Mayo? 

Since my visit to Chef Roble’s restaurant, Streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn last month, where I had the most amazing adobo chicharrones, I’ve wanted to do something with pork belly. So I’m really excited to share this recipe with you. This is a spicy recipe, the adobo peppers with chipotle sauce in the marinade for the pork really packs a punch, so if this is too much heat for you, you can temper the spiciness by adding a tablespoon of agave to the marinade. If you are a real heat lover then you should add a sliced jalapeno to the pico de gallo.

A good accompaniment to this pork belly and pico de gallo would be rice, or you can slice the pork belly and stuff it and the pico de gallo into tortillas – a fantastic taco and will be a real crowd pleaser for pork lovers.

Cinco de Mayo is hardly the time to watch calorie intake so indulge and recreate my pork belly recipe.

Pork Belly and Pico de Gallo

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