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Whole Baked Snapper Tacos

There are times when my spirit is not up to making a traditional dinner. You know those days when you just cannot muster the enthusiasm, but you have a whole fish sitting in the fridge waiting to be prepped and cooked. On those days I often bake the fish and serve as tacos. Just like today’s recipe Whole Baked Snapper Tacos.

Whole Baked Snapper Tacos by Diverse Dinners
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Turkey Tacos

A few of my friends are hosting Thanksgiving with their families for the weekend this year, and in need of ideas on what to serve them. Turkey tacos are a great idea for a post Thanksgiving day gathering. They’re a great idea if you have a lot of leftover turkey. You can shred the entire batch of leftover meat and convert it into this wonderful recipe.


Turkey Tacos by Diverse Dinners

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Spicy Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Corn Salsa

I’d like to share something spicy with you today – spicy chicken tacos with pineapple corn salsa. A delightful spicy and tangy sweet meal encased in flour tortillas. If you’re going to make a batch of these tacos, make sure you have a large stash of tortillas. These hand-to-mouth delights will be very popular, very popular indeed.


Spicy Chicken Tacos with Pineapple Corn Salsa by Diverse Dinners


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Chicken Taco Cupcakes

It’s Taco Tuesday, and today’s feature is Chicken Taco Cupcakes. These are utterly delightful.  It’s a miracle I have any pictures to share as I couldn’t stop eating them as soon as they came out of the oven. Oh my they will make you happy.

 Chicken Taco Cupcakes

These chicken taco cupcakes are the perfect appetizer, one is a three bite snack which only needs one hand, so you have a hand free for a cocktail – perfect!Read More

Broiled Tilapia Tacos

It’s Tacos Tuesday – yay!

I really enjoy a good taco, so easy to make and such a delight on the tongue, and my broiled tilapia tacos are just that.

There are many variations of the fish taco and none disappoint. Today, I give you my healthiest option, broiled tilapia tacos topped with red cabbage and fennel. The tilapia is soaked in lime for 30 minutes to provide balance to the taste of the fish against the cabbage and fennel. A squeeze of lime over the top and a touch of sriracha, if you feel so inclined, melds all the flavors together.

I will continue to share my taco recipes with you and maybe make a habit of Taco Tuesday. Enjoy.

Broiled Tilapia Tacos

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