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Melon Acai Popsicles

I love melon, any kind of melon. I add watermelon to my juices and cocktails. Cantaloupe and galia melons are my go to for fruit salads. I eat chunks of sugar kiss and summer kiss melons all by themselves and I’ve just discovered limon melon which tastes just as it sounds. As I said, I love melon. I also love popsicles and there are times when I want both, so I whip up a batch of Melon Popsicles, much like today’s recipe, Melon Acai Popsicles.

Melon Acai Popsicles by Diverse Dinners
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Plantain Chips

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the internet is abuzz with super bowl snack recipes. To be honest, I’m not a football fan, so I won’t be hosting a party today. I plan on putting my feet up to watch a couple of movies with a glass of wine in hand. Nonetheless, snacks will be needed and I plan on making a batch of Plantain Chips to nosh on.

Plantain Chips by Diverse Dinners
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