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Pancetta Brie Honey Croissants

There are those late mornings when nothing else will do other than a buttery pastry filled with cured meat and cheese and today’s recipe is just that. Pancetta Brie Honey Croissants – pure yum!

Each croissant is filled with cooked pancetta, a slab of brie and topped with a slice of honeycomb. Pure yum!  Or did I say that already?


Pancetta Brie Honey Croissants by Diverse Dinners

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Maple Caramel Popcorn

I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, who really hates Valentine’s Day. He constantly groans on that Valentine’s Day is a creation made by the greeting card companies, and he will not be fooled into spending good money on “crap” such as roses, chocolates and cards. Jeeze – he’s a real buzz kill during this time of year. Bless his suffering partner, let’s call her Julie, she deserves a medal.  Today’s recipe is for Julie – maple caramel popcorn. She asked me to share a recipe for popcorn as it is my friend’s favorite thing to eat when watching a movie, and he loves to watch movies.

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