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Crown Roast of Pork with Apple Pancetta Couscous

Here’s another Christmas dinner idea, crown roast of pork with apple pancetta couscous. The combination of flavors in the dish are really nice. Once cut and served, the juicy pork chops are the perfect partner for the sweet savory couscous.

Crown roast of pork is a great dish for the holidays, it’s tasty, feeds a crowd and looks impressive once served. 


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Moroccan Chicken

The flavors of Moroccan chicken are just what you need during the holidays. You may already have your menu confirmed for Christmas Day, but if you’re hosting the holidays this year, you will need tasty meals to keep your family happy. Moroccan chicken will do just that. It is chicken combined with an array of spices, lemon, ginger, honey and olives. This dish really hits your senses, and makes you want to curl up on the sofa in silence.


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