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Detox Charcoal Lemonade

The temperature has been consistently high in New York and everyone is taking advantage of the nice weather. My friends and family have been spending their weekends out at the beach, in bars and restaurants, and whooping it up at parties. I know, nothing new here, but what about after the festivities? How do we get our body back on track after copious amounts of frosé, beers and pitchers of margaritas? Huh? No worries, I have it, just one glass of Detox Charcoal Lemonade should do the trick.



Detox Charcoal Lemonade by Diverse Dinners

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Guinness Punch

My mother swears by Guinness as an aid to lethargy. She usually has some in the fridge and whips it out whenever someone says they’ve been feeling rather lackluster or have been diagnosed anemic. Of course, she understands that many people, particularly those who do not drink beer, are unlikely to sup on a Guinness-filled drink, just like that. Instead she magics a frothy glass of Guinness punch as a compromise.


Guinness Punch by Diverse Dinners

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