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Hearty Burger with Soppressata

Once summer is over and the nights begin to get cooler I crave a hearty burger. Tasty ground beef, 80% lean, fashioned into a burger, cloaked with complementary flavors and encased in a quality bun. That’s our recipe for today folks, a Hearty Burger with Soppressata. A very filling burger that will likely push your appetite to its limits but leave with you with a smile on your face.

Hearty Burger with Soppressata by Diverse Dinners
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Melon Acai Popsicles

I love melon, any kind of melon. I add watermelon to my juices and cocktails. Cantaloupe and galia melons are my go to for fruit salads. I eat chunks of sugar kiss and summer kiss melons all by themselves and I’ve just discovered limon melon which tastes just as it sounds. As I said, I love melon. I also love popsicles and there are times when I want both, so I whip up a batch of Melon Popsicles, much like today’s recipe, Melon Acai Popsicles.

Melon Acai Popsicles by Diverse Dinners
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Cold Brew Smoothie

In need of a kickstart to your day? Something with some substance and flavor? Well, I have a suggestion for you, how about a long and fulfilling Cold Brew Smoothie? It’s a combination of cold brew (of course), old fashioned oats, bananas, milk, almond butter, dates and cocoa powder. Are you licking your lips?

Cold Brew Smoothie by Diverse Dinners
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