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Cucumber Salmon Salad

Is it spring yet! I hope it is where you are. New York is still quite cold, although beautifully sunny, which inspired me to share my recipe for Cucumber Salmon Salad with you.

Cucumber Salmon Salad is delicious. It’s a great brunch dish and ideal for those who do not eat eggs or meat. Serve with a pitcher of sangria and a smile.


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Baked Sesame Crusted Salmon

Are you looking for a wonderful bite size appetizer? Well look no further,  I have a really tasty fish dish for you today. Baked sesame crusted salmon on a poppy and sesame cracker with wasabi mayo and eel sauce. Doesn’t that sound great?


Baked Sesame Crusted Salmon by Diverse Dinners



I happened upon this recipe when I attended an event at My Cooking Party. My Cooking Party is a cooking school that hosts hands on cooking parties. You know, stuff that you have to cook yourself.

On arrival my group and I were greeted with appetizers, beer and wine, while three chefs worked on more appetizers in the background. 

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Salmon Linguine with Arugula

My indulgent salmon linguine, has no respect for calorie counters, so you folks will have to sacrifice if you want to partake in this dish.  

My date loves this meal, so I would suggest you give it a try.  You could definitely makes this on date night at your place, it’s so easy to bring together and you’ll look like a gourmet.

This dish needs white wine to complement it.  You can feed each other and ply your date with wine.  

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