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Kale Avocado Toast with Egg

January is the month when we all take better care of ourselves and food plays a big part in that, so here’s a recipe to keep you on track. Kale Avocado Toast with Egg, a brain power breakfast to set you up right for the day. It’s a simple recipe, lightly toasted multigrain bread, baby kale and sliced avocado mixed together in a vinaigrette and topped with slices of boiled egg.

Kale Avocado Toast with Egg by Diverse Dinners
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Apple Avocado Smoothie

In an effort to eat more healthily I plan on starting my days with a healing or energy giving breakfast. It’s a smart way to start the day. Yesterday I started the day with an apple avocado smoothie. Yum! It is a thoroughly delightful smoothie that will put a pep in your step once consumed. Every ingredient provides healing qualities and together may help to keep symptoms of cardiovascular disease in check. What could be better?

Apple Avocado Smoothie by Diverse Dinners


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Bison Rib Eye with Avocado Dip

Will you be the grill master this July 4th? If yes, try my bison rib eye with avocado dip. Add it to your menu and serve something different.

I have wanted to try bison for some time, so when I stumbled across it while shopping online for food at Freshdirect I decided to buy some and give it a whirl. I wasn’t entirely sure bison would be for me, I thought it would taste fiercely gamey and possibly tough on the palate, but I was wrong. Yes, bison does have a gamey taste, but its subtle, and so long as you don’t overcook it, you will experience a texture much like beef.

I prefer to buy meats that are naturally raised, which can be costly and a little difficult to find at times. So I was pleased to learn that bison is mostly raised in ranches, grass fed, without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and not too much of a strain on my finances. Note that I mentioned that most ranches provide bison that is grass fed without hormones or antibiotics, but not all, so if naturally reared meats or sustainability are important to you, do a little research to make sure the bison rib eye you buy is sourced from a ranch that adheres to regulations and industry standards. 

Bison is a great alternative to beef; a bison rib eye has considerably less fat than a beef rib eye and is a breeze to cook. I grilled my bison rib eye on moderate heat.

Bison Rib Eye

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Avocado Toast with Poached Egg

I remember as a child praying that my mother wouldn’t insist that I eat that green slimy thing she called avocado pear. Many folks in the Caribbean refer to the avocado as pear due to the shape of the fruit. When I was a kid, I thought it to be a bland heave-worthy tasting veggie that should be avoided at all cost.  I had no idea that it was a fruit or how wonderful it truly tasted and the benefits it brought to my aging body. Now avocado is featured in so many of my foods, I revel in its luxurious taste and happy to let its nutrients do its work on my body. So today I made some avocado toast with poached egg.

Avocado toast

A sensational first meal for the day. I sat to eat it on my terrace with a mimosa (or two) and my Kindle. I’m reading “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. I’ve just started reading it – so no opinion as yet. There is no better way to spend a Sunday morning, eating a nutritious meal and reflecting on life’s possibilities. 

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Chicken Grapefruit and Avocado Salad

Spring has finally shown its face in NY so its time for a salad, chicken grapefruit and avocado salad. This season has brought some wonderful juicy grapefruit, I have been eating at least one a day for a few weeks now. But I’m getting bored of grapefruit segments as part of my breakfast so I tried my segments in a salad instead.

I love avocado – doesn’t everyone? I was surprised though how wonderfully avocado pairs with grapefruit, its fantastic, so I will be sure to make grapefruit and avocado appetizers during the summer months. If you need help with preparing the avocado, check out The Raw Chef, Russell James’ video for instruction.

I would describe this as a clean meal, raw ingredients topped with grilled organic chicken laced with a citrus vinaigrette. Heart healthy, nutritious and a boost to the immune system. What a joy, the tartness and juiciness of the grapefruit are the yin and yang of this salad. Serve as either an appetizer or a small plate. Perhaps the introduction to a diverse three course meal.

Chicken Grapefruit and Avocado

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Albacore Tuna Sashimi with Ponzu

If you offered me Albacore Tuna Sashimi with Ponzu 18 months ago, I would’ve screwed my face up and stormed out of sight.  But now I’m open to it, and many of its variations, so long as it is paired with avocado and plied with complementing flavors.  It’s confirmed, I’m a sashimi philistine!  Luckily, there are restaurants that provide for raw food philistines like me, by creating food less traditional and somewhat culturally diverse. One of my favs is Katana. A robata and sushi bar in West Hollywood, LA.  My dear friend Elisabeth Troy, singer/extraordinaire, introduced me to this restaurant. Great food, good wine and stellar a mbience and a very extensive sake list. But remember, I’m a philistine so the sake list was wasted on me. This wonderful eatery and bar, where the beautiful people eat, served up a plethora of exciting dishes, raw and cooked, and as I left the restaurant I experienced a yearning feeling, wondering when I would be able to return.  

I haven’t returned as yet, but I have recreated and adapted their sashimi many times. Which is today’s recipe.  You will need great quality fresh albacore tuna, at least one inch thick and a very sharp knife to cut your tuna into thin strips.

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Cucumber Smoked Salmon Lollipops

Cucumber smoked salmon lollipops – something different for a dinner party, something beautiful for your guests to feast their eyes on while you continue to prepare a sensational meal or mix cocktails. Cucumber smoked salmon lollipops are so easy to make and an absolute delight in the mouth. Raw ingredients, which adds very little to your calorie intake and a great alternative to a basic salad – you must make these. 

Cucumber and Smoked Salmon Lollipops

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